Lace Front Wig

I love Copper! I’ve had this unit for two months now and I wore it daily for a while then I switched back to my natural fro, now I’m back wearing it again! Let me tell you my thoughts on this hair.

I ONLY buy lace fronts , I don’t really get why because I never wear them as is lol. I ALWAYS end up cutting my “parts” because they don’t blend . As is , this wig isn’t very realistic . The lace is a hard lace when you get it and the part isn’t very realistic. I cut my part and left hair out because my hair is the exact same color as my unit .

After this I cut my combs out and sewed it down , but I only wear it days at a time with a solid foundation and protection underneath. People thought this was my real hair! I love Bobbi boss wigs ( if you like longer ones you should check out lavender too) . Usually I don’t wear short wigs but this one wasn’t that bad! It’s cute and can be worn formally and casually.

Little to no shedding was experienced over the past few months BUT you have to take care of your wig! I wash this wig every two weeks by soaking it in detergent ( yes detergent) and lukewarm water, this kept my wig from drying out and getting stiff! THIS HAIR IS SYNTHETIC, so be mindful of that.

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