FAQs on Short Wigs for Women Full Hair Wig Natural Looking Wigs with Wig Cap

Q:Can this wig be styled or washed, and how?
A:You can curl. Just spray each section first with water bortle and curl as usual on lowest setting

Q:Is it thick hair?
A:Dear, it is very thick.

Q:Can you style it with curling iron?
A:I don’t know but I wouldn’t use a curling iron on it.

Q:Can you move the part?
A:No you can not move the part. This wig is nice for the money.

Q:can you tell it is a wig when wearing?
A:Sorry I can’t really say. The wig was to big on me so I couldn’t wear it.

Q:Can i comb all the hair back without making any part and make a small ponytail ?
A:No, the hair falls the way it was manufactured with the part.

Q:Is this wig going to be golden blonde that I want or is it red?
A:Mine has a LOT of red. There’s no way I could call it golden blonde
But it’s pretty.

Q:I have a big head how do I get one to fit
A:It should fit. It was large on me and had to put the straps in alot

Q:Does the wig look dark brow or blonde ?
A:I was disappointed , looks very fake and you can tell you’re wearing a wig

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